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Covid-19 Medics order 3-D printed medical equipment at the touch of a button with revolutionary new app



April 6, 2020, PARIS, France – RACE 2 BREATHE launches an initiative that enables hospitals to order 3-D printed personal protection and medical equipment from the nearest location. The local merchant receives the order instantly and delivers the equipment within hours, not days or weeks. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) can be printed by anyone owning a 3-D Printer. For respirator machine replacement parts, only certified and approved print facilities are allowed.


The initiative was founded by six enthusiastic volunteers who aim to make the platform accessible for all hospitals in Europe after the French launch this month. Within three days they received registrations from more than 160 people who want to help the hospitals and print the necessary equipment in France.


Sponsored by MICROSOFT, SLACK, ATLASSIAN, WPML, MAILCHIMP and NEW RELIC, the cutting-edge RACE 2 BREATHE application congregates all individuals, fab labs and 3-D printing factories into one easy-to-use platform. When medics need a certain product, they search a catalogue with medically certified models fit for production. After selecting the desired part or product, they are shown a map to select the closest location. The listings also show each facility’s production capacity.


Race-2-Breathe is still looking for more talented individuals to join their international and diverse team. They are looking for translators, and extra developers to strengthen the initiative and keep the momentum currently gained. People who are willing to strengthen the team of volunteers should apply on


RACE 2 BREATHE partnered with Just One Giant Lab (JOGL), an online research platform founded by French entrepreneur Thomas LANDRAIN. The JOGL platform connects researchers worldwide to work together on common projects. Talent who want to submit solutions for the crisis can now directly connect to JOGL’s Open-COVID-19 Initiative. The “OpenSource” designs created will be available in the 3-D print app and on GITHUB after the approval process.


An initiative that started as a small idea gained traction quickly, and within days more than 186 3-d printers joined. Race-2-Breathe attracted attention from major tech companies like MICROSOFT stepped up to sponsor the vital infrastructure for the project. UrbanLinker, a French recruitment agency donated their time and services to gather a full-blown team of developers to assist the four initial founders, all who have had experience in running big business and tech start-ups.

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RACE 2 BREATHE is an initiative started by six friends, while confined during the Covid-19 outbreak in Paris. These international entrepreneurs decided to not just #RESTEZ CHEZ VOUS” (#StayHome), But to use their collective talents to save lives. Together, they vouched to build a platform that connects 3-D printing technology to hospitals, aiding in the shortage of equipment in towns hardest hit by the virus.


“When Sander (KOOGER) called, we started brainstorming about how we could contribute and solve the COVID-19 crisis,” said Zahra LUCCI, part of the RACE 2 BREATHE founding team. “When he pitched the idea to connect 3-D printers to hospitals, I was ready to board this flight.”







Sander is the founder at This Is Fashion, an online streaming service for fashion media.

“While confined because of the crisis, I heard a lot of people complaining,” the young entrepreneur said. “It inspired me to find a way to act and contribute to a solution.”

Before his time as a business owner, he was an infrastructure specialist who worked for Brand New Day, the Dutch Banking Association, Tommy Hilfiger, G-Star, and other leading brands. Sander enjoys coaching startups, organizing hackathons, and brainstorming the next big thing.


  • Website infrastructure
  • Collaboration tooling
  • Monitoring
  • Streamlining internal processes
  • Communication




Zahra LUCCHI was a stewardess until the COVID-19 crisis left her grounded. She was the first to join when Sander KOOGER pitched the idea. LUCCHI manages the RACE 2 BREATHE web and social media teams, making sure everything is tip-top during this flight. The young entrepreneur is highly experienced in communications, crowd and expectations management. In her free time, she volunteers for SPF and Resto du Coeur and has a background in fashion communications.


  • Website content
  • Social Media content
  • Press management



Cybersecurity professional / ENTREPRENEUR

Bert is the Founder cybersecurity company Sincerus, a cybersecurity company for 25 cybersecurity consultants, managed several big International Cybersecurity projects, worked international in the USA, France and Czech Republic. Sold his shares his in 2016 and became Cybersecurity contractor and started Alertteam a European cybersecurity solution provider and is the co-founder of The Cyberpartners a European Cyber Consultancy company for (independent) cybersecurity professionals.

“This is not a Virus, but a threat to our current healthcare,” HEITINK said. “When R2B was being created, I knew that it was where I could I would make a difference.”

He’s an international speaker on cybersecurity conferences and also is involved as an Investor for several startups. He is due to personal interested involved in non-profit improvement projects to bring his support, experience and international network for better health and environment.


  • Outreach & Evangelize
  • Resource Coordination
  • Interim Operations


Emmanuel BARBET


EMMANUEL is Global Digital Officer for Groupe PSA at Mediacom/GroupM. Having worked and traveled all around the world, he has learned how people can create well together, whatever their background.

“It is not a simple question of know-how, it is also about the energy we bring together to achieve a common goal”, expresses EMMANUEL. “Seeing all the positive energy of the Mexicans to help each other after the last earthquake was a huge lesson. Even though my digital advertising knowledge is not very useful on the project, I still can do my bit.”

Before joining Mediacom, he was in charge of the development of digital services in Latino America for Havas Media Group, managing clients like Swarovski and LVMH in the region.


  • Advertisement strattegie
  • Copywriting
  • Translations English to French



TV Host / Private Chef

Ivy DAI is a professional journalist who has written for the L.A. Daily News and produced for ABC News (KABC-TV) and the Food Network. Originally from California, she moved to France in 2012.

“Committed to social change since I was a little girl, I am excited to be part of an initiative that matters,” the LA native said. “I myself have been affected by Covid-19 – along with freelance writing, I am also a small business owner – my vegan café Graze in the south of France has been shuttered since March.”

DAI joined the initiative when long-time friend and business mentor Sander KOOGER called and asked for help writing the Race2Breathe press release. Also in confinement, she jumped at the opportunity to share her talents and help save lives


  • Write articles for the Race2Breathe website and newsletter
  • Liaison with press in Europe and internationally
  • Support public relations efforts




Stefan is the Co-Founder of the Dutch Institute for Praxeology, a think tank dedicated to free-market entrepreneurship. In addition, he is a freelance journalist, writing for ThePostOnline and the Open Science Community Utrecht.

“I am a big fan of bottom-up initiatives. Much of my scientific and journalistic work has been about citizens and scientists starting new projects without any centralized mediator.” According to this jack of all trades, the Race2Breathe initiative is “exactly one such bottom-up initiative. With the immense pressure on medical specialists everywhere, I can only applaud help from all directions.”

GAILLARD joined the initiative after a few calls with Sander KOOGER for an article Stefan was writing. Excited to work for a new spontaneous platform, Stefan soon joined


  • Write articles about Race2Breathe
  • Translates
  • Support public relations efforts