By Maurizio Pesce from Milan, Italia - 3D Printing Materials, CC BY 2.0

Race-2-Breathe: Printer update 1

24-April-2020, Paris, France. Race-2-breathe is up and running. We would like to thank all printers for activating their registration. If you did not activate yet, please do so using the link below.

Finalize your registration here

Only fully assembled products are helpful

We are aware that at the current moment it is hard to get a hand on the filament and the transparent sheets needed for the visors. Still, we would like to urge our makers. Please only deliver fully assembled products. We see it as our job to relieve the medics from as much work as possible. We rather see medics save lives than finish an unfinished product.

How we are trying to help our makers.

At this moment we are calling different suppliers for filament and other products like transparent sheets to see if we can get them delivered directly to our makers with a hefty discount. Ensuring you guys have everything you need to deliver finished products and lower production costs for you. This is an ongoing process, and we will keep makers informed on where we are. Things are looking good though.


In the next version

After our launch we will measure what we can improve, Your feedback is always welcome. One of our first priorities is to build a way to manage orders inside of the app. And find a way to distribute larger orders over multiple printers. Thus improving delivery times on the products available.

We are also looking for other products we can add to our app and GITLAB repository We would like to ask all of you to tap us if you have a working proven design, so we can add it to our app and spread the designs via our GitLab.


We would like to thank all of you for being patient,