Race-2-Breathe is ready for takeoff!!!

20-April-2020, Paris, France. We worked long and hard and now we are ready to go for our 3-D printing crew. Hospitals will now be able to reach you and contact you directly to ask you to print for them and you are reachable in our platform to answer medical needs in your area.

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At our start, we underestimated the amount of work it would take to build the app. We also underestimated the amount of incredible 3-D printers that would fill out our form to pre-register. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who did. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!. Without you guys cheering us on, we would not have had the stamina to finish this race, a Race 2 Breathe we might add.

What now?

At this moment our application enables the hospitals to locate registered 3-D printers and email them to order printed materials like face shields, etc. We have created a product page in both our app and our website with the designs we support. These designs have been tested by thousands of individuals.

In this version


In this version when Makers log in they will be able to see only their profile. This is as designed. Our first priority is to enable the hospitals to contact you. To avoid too much complexity and accelerate our launch we choose to let hospitals contact you via Email. So please keep checking your inbox, this is where requests from hospitals and retirement homes will arrive.

It is allowed to ask a small fee for the products. We encourage accessibility during this time of crisis, but we fully understand that producing a product bears labor and material costs. We are requesting manufacturers to keep costs to a minimum, please.


Hospitals and all medical sources :

At R2B, our goal is to support the healthcare providers in this time of crisis and we are currently not offering our services to the general public. Hospitals are able to create an account, then they have to wait for final validation. After final validation, a health provider is able to log in and select the product they need. At this moment 2 types of face shields are available. A health provider is able to select the product and then locate the makers in their neighborhood. In the list, they will see the email address on which to contact the maker and order the masks directly.

It is possible that a maker asks for a small fee. Please keep in mind this is a social initiative, but the makers have actual production costs to produce the products you need.


In the next version

After our launch we will measure what we can improve, Your feedback is always welcome. One of our first priorities is to build a way to manage orders inside of the app. And find a way to distribute larger orders over multiple printers. Thus improving delivery times on the products available.

We are also looking for other products we can add to our app and GITLAB repository We would like to ask all of you to tap us if you have a working proven design, so we can add it to our app and spread the designs via our GitLab.


We would like to thank all of you for being patient,