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By Maurizio Pesce from Milan, Italia - 3D Printing Materials, CC BY 2.0

Race-2-Breathe: Printer update 1

We are aware that at the current moment it is hard to get a hand on filament and the transparent sheets needed for the visors. Still, we would like to urge our makers. Please only deliver fully assembled products. We see it as our job to relieve the medics from as much work as possible. We rather see medics save lives than finish an unfinished product.  … Read More

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Race-2-Breathe is ready for takeoff!!!

20-April-2020, Paris, France. We worked long and hard and now we are ready to go. For our 3-D printing crew, this means hospitals will finally be able to reach you and ask you to print. For Hospitals and elderly retirement homes, this means you are finally able to use our platform to find printers near you.  … Read More

Featured Post