Our team

Our team

"Nous sommes en guerre" and "Restez chez soi" it sounds like an oxymoron but here lies our strength! What started as an initiative in a locked-down Paris by a few people that did not just want to sit at home, is quickly growing onto a well-oiled international machine. Our teammates are the ones that make it happen. Together with these heroes, we make a difference! Want to get off your couch and join our team of heroes in the fight against COVID-19?


Sander Kooger

Co-Founder / IT
Sander brought the group together, he contributes by maintaining the IT infrastructure, contributing in hackathons and by expanding our network.

Zahra Lucchi

Co-Founder / Communication
Zahra a stewardess that got grounded was the first to join our team. She manages communications and makes sure everything is tip-top during this flight.


Co-Founder / NETWORK
Bert is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in digital security. He advises our team on entrepreneurship and connects us to the right parties.

Emmanuel BARBET

Co-Founder | R2b -France
Emmanuel works as Digital Officer at Mediacom, a leading french advertisement agency. He is advisor to Communications manager and translates content to French.

Sophie LIN

r2b - USA
Sophie Lin is a seasoned Engagement Lead and has managed internal and external communication strategies, reputation management, brand development and digital development. She runs R2B USA.

Ivy Dai

Content Creator
Ivy is a private chef, TV host owner of the Graze Cafe in Antibes. She writes content and news articles on our webportal.

Stefan Gaillard

Dutch Content
Stefan is a freelance journalist who, after writing an article about the initiative, decided to stick around to help with translating.
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