About Us

About us

Race 2 Breathe is building an army of volunteers to combat the COVID-19 crisis. Together we can help hospitals get the supplies they need to treat their patients.

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Our Mission

Create a platform that tools medics, makers, fablabs and privete individuals with 3d printers to manufacter the technical parts needed to keep more patients alive, while releaing some pressure from the overcrowded hospitals.


Sander Kooger

Sander brought the group together, he contributes by maintaining the IT infrastructure, contributing in hackathons and by expanding our network.

Zahra Lucchi

Co-Founder / Communication
Zahra a stewardess that got grounded was the first to join our team. She manages communications and makes sure everything is tip-top during this flight.


Co-Founder / NETWORK
Bert is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in digital security. He advises our team on entrepreneurship and connects us to the right parties.
Join our efforts to combat COVID-19