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A crowd driven initiative to combat COVID-19

Race 2 Breathe is an initiative that aims to connect and tool people globally to help combat the current COVID-19 crisis. Our goal is to build a network with medics, 3D print designers and Printer owners and Companies that deliver 3d printed equipments for hospitals. In an effort to make sure hospitals globally keep having access to these much needed supplies. Our aim is to build the platform needed for all individuals to collaborate, produce and deliver.

We are looking for

3d print facilities

We need to map who can print and where the printers and supplies are located. Professional Fab Labs and private individuals, everybody can help

Medics and doctors

We are already onboarding hospitals. As soon as the application that is being built for the AP-HP is ready you will be notified. After registration in the application, you will gain access to all the 3D printed products in the catalog.

3d print designers

Parts need to be prototyped in fast pace, we need support from experienced makers to join projects and opensource the designs needed and validated by medics.

Watch this video on YouTube.

to produce

Face shields

Faceshields are in high demand, they are easy to produce with existing 3d print technology, requiring afterwards the validated filters.

respiratory valves

Respirators have parts that need to be replaced. These parts are hard to get a hold on fast in times of crisis. We want to print them and deliver Just In Time.

2 way valve splitters

Studies show that more than one patient can be ventilated using just one machine, 3D printed parts that split the tubing will help doing so, only after validation by the hospital's operators.

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3D printer owners

Do you own a 3d printer or are you a 3D printing company or laboratory? Then we need you! Click the button below to register and help!


Rapid delivery needs rapid delivery. If you are a medic preregister to gain access to the 3D-COVID application as soon as it launches.

3d CAD designers

Do you know how to rapidly prototype parts using a 3D printer? Then we are looking for you. We have several project teams that could use your skills in designing the parts needed by hospitals.

Want to support us but you dont know how?